Part of the fun of this challenge is not just in the prize money, but engaging NASA without a bureaucracy. While we are not doing away with structure entirely, we are committed to our vision of putting power in the hands of the entrepreneurs who are shaping tomorrow. The requirements for submissions are easy: applicants must follow a few simple formatting conventions and answer a few fundamental questions. The way in which applicants decide to do so however, is entirely up to them. We encourage those who are willing to break the mold and show us something we've never seen before; have fun with it!

Conventions to Follow:​​

  • Submitted white papers must be no longer than 5 pages, excluding the cover page. Any page beyond the 5th will not be read. 

  • White papers must be written with 12 point font in Times New Roman and use standard A4 2.5cm margins.

Questions and Topics to Address in Your White Paper:​​​

  • Clearly state one of the three identified NASA technology focus areas to which you are responding.

  • Discuss the concept, the technology needed to be developed, and the problem(s) to be addressed. 

  • Describe your ability to address the technological challenges related to the idea. 

  • Discuss the technology's non-NASA commercial solution and identified target market. 

  • Discuss funding or other types of support you have received related to this concept.

  • Include a note about the team's backgrounds, capabilities, etc. 

  • Do not include any proprietary information.