A judging panel consisting of federal employees will be established to evaluate the white papers submitted to Round One based on the following criteria:

Significance and Unmet Needs (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Are there significant needs across the government or private sector for the proposed product or service?

  • If the aims of the project are achieved, how will scientific knowledge, technical capabilities, or related services be improved?

  • How will those improvements will be measured or established?

Innovation (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Does the proposed idea utilize the novel theoretical concepts, approaches, methodologies, instrumentation, or services?

  • Is the proposed product novel in a broad sense?

Approach (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Are the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses well-reasoned and appropriate to test the proposed idea?

  • Does the approach consider the end-users or end-user needs?

Team/Founder Aptitudes (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Does the individual or team demonstrate high level of ability and dedication?

  • Were the passion, drive, discipline, ability to work collaboratively and willingness to push forward under conditions of extreme business uncertainty successfully demonstrated?

Commercialization (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Is there a clear path for the product/service to reach the market?

  • Are the product users and purchasers clearly identified?

  • Is there an evidence of market research or analysis of competitors?